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Doop doop comic from my sequential class in the spring. I was totally jazzed about the class…until a different class that has nothing to do with my major but was required took more energy and time than my major’s main classes. 


Also became unsatisfied with portrayal of my characters…not as hijincksy as I wanted it to be. Supposed to be kind of along the lines of like Cowboy Bebop’s or Lupin’s humor (unintentionally but that’s the closest comparison I can make). My characters are top members of the Space Mafia, so they do mafia stuff. Tholo likes to stabby McStab and Floyd (on the hoverbike) likes to blow things up. And is literally crazy without his medications. Woo. But they’re bros - also Floyd does all the talking since Tholo had his voicebox cut out by a rival mafia.

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